Tips To Remember When Choosing a Senior Care or Assisted Living Facility

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Being able to choose the right senior care or assisted living facility for a beloved family member is not only a hard task, but also a very important decision you may need to make. Fortunately, here are several tips that you can follow so that you will have a much easier time selecting the right community for your loved one. In essence, an assisted living facility is a residential and care option for the older adult population. In some cases, senior still assert their independence in the performance of daily living. Aside from the provision of health care services, seniors also need assistance in the execution of Activities of Daily Living or ADLs:

  • Assistance in bathroom activities
  • House maintenance and upkeep
  • Taking a shower
  • Feeding assistance
  • Traveling to and from the house

Although these activities may seem simple to perform for younger individuals, people who belong to the older adult population are starting to have difficulties in their execution of these tasks. For one, the natural aging process slows down all body organs and reduced function as years pass. This is a natural and expected occurrence. In order to adapt efficiently, seniors need assistance not only to maintain a sense of comfort and balance in their lives, but also make them feel that they still have the ability of performing integral functions despite advancing age.

Assisted Living Facility vs Other Senior Care Centers

A growing trend among the aging boomer population is the subscription to assisted living personal care over more traditional health care settings for older adults. Seniors used to go straight nursing home facilities a few years after enjoying their retirement and once they felt that they were becoming a burden to their respective families. Exploring other care options was impossible as nursing homes were the only available solution from a few decades ago. A great change assisted living facilities bring is the focus on the provision of personal care more so than medical care and supervision.

Simply put, not all people in an assisted living facility suffer from a medical condition. In fact, people who opt to be transferred in an assisted living facility setting enjoy good health and only need assistance in personal care which in turn provides them with more time and opportunities to do other things like socializing with other people participating in recreational activities such as sports, singing, reading, and dancing. Although assisted living facilities do not center their services to medical care, clients who subscribe to this service most commonly have round-the-clock support and access to medical care. This feature is very crucial in that it ensures clients that they will be taken care of in the event that they are struck with disease or suffer serious accidents. A good assisted living facility is the perfect place for healthy adults to spend their years ahead, enjoying time with fellow seniors. The personalized care signature of assisted living makes it appealing to the elderly group since they do experience different types of difficulties and limitations, making general nursing care inappropriate for majority of assisted living facility clients.

How Clean and Well-Maintained is the Community?

Paying the facility a visit is critical in your decision making, as this will allow you to gauge for yourself just how appropriate the community is for your elderly loved one. This will provide you with the chance to see for yourself how clean and well-maintained the facility is. While it is important for you to check on the furnishings, windows, and baseboards, you should never forget to take into consideration housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance services as well.

Time Your Visit During Events or Special Activities

It is also highly recommended for you to time your visit to the senior care facility when there are activities being performed by the residents. Check how many residents attend and participate in these events. Do they, as well as the staff, enjoy what they are doing? In addition, you should also ask about the types of activities being offered. Do they match what your elderly loved one enjoys doing? These are very important things you have to consider, as you want to make certain that your family member will have a great time in the facility.

Ask Questions About the Community’s Safety and Security

Never forget to check on the safety and the security of the community. Keep in mind that all of the residents of an assisted living facility are either elderly adults or people suffering from various conditions, so it is a must that they can live peacefully and hazard-free. Grab bars or grab handles are a must in such environments, so make sure that the facility has these installed in convenient locations. You also have to make certain that there is someone who is always on-site, ready to assist the residents or the patients.

Interview as Many People as You Can

When we say interview people, we mean interview not only the staff members, but also the residents of the senior care or assisted living facility as well. Interviewing the staff members will help you have a better feel of their attitude, friendliness, and of course, professionalism. Interviewing the community’s residents, on the other hand, will allow you to find out if they are happy residing there, if they enjoy the activities, and if they feel comfortable and secure overall.

Consider Using Referral Services

If you are still having a hard time making the decision on which senior care facility to choose for your beloved family member, you may want to try taking advantage of a highly trustworthy elder care referral service. One such service is We Know a Place. This organization is specifically aimed to providing the families of those who are in need of special elder care services find the best and most appropriate facility for them. Best of all, their services are absolutely free of charge.