Local Assistance Programs for Seniors

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Many senior citizens need to live on a very modest fixed income. Since their incomes do not tend to rise along with inflation, it can be very hard to cope with rising prices for the cost of food, utilities, and housing. However, most communities offer a variety of different

Enjoy the Summer With Fun Senior Activities

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When you have a chance to enjoy a summer day with your elderly parents or grandparents, do you have a hard time suggesting fun activities? Of course, every senior citizen is an individual with his or her own interests, but many older people defer to younger people when it

When Your Aging Loved One Can No Longer Drive

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Being able to drive represents freedom for many people. Many senior citizens are very good and experienced drivers, but there comes a time when infirmaries could impair their ability to operate a vehicle safely. In fact, insurance companies usually consider older seniors almost as risky as young teenagers to

How Do You Qualify For Medicaid to Cover Long Term Care?

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The reality is that public funds pick up most of the tab for the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of U.S. Long term care expenses today. Even though this might not be an ideal situation, most people’s only plan to pay for the cost of nursing care is

Shocking Facts About Alzheimers Disease

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Below is an infographic designed for our viewers to help bring awareness to the affects of Alzheimer’s as well as help prevent it.   Alzheimer’s may not get the attention that some other serious illnesses get because the public assumes that this is only something that strikes old people.

How Does ObamaCare Affects Seniors on Medicare?

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The Affordable Care Act, also called ObamaCare, has drastically changed the health care system in the United States, but it was certainly not the first major health reform in American history. In order to put everything in perspective, it might be helpful to review a short history of Medicare.