Nursing Home vs Other Health Care Facilities

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As your loved ones get older and older, they will reach the age when they will need to be constantly supervised and taken care of. The idea of using a health care facility becomes an option due to various reasons. Most people already have other family members to take care of, their jobs and other responsibilities, so managing their time to take care of anyone 24/7 every day can prove to be very tough. There are various different types of health care facilities to choose from, a nursing home being the most common. When considering using a nursing home you should always question what the other facilities have to offer.

What is a Nursing Home?

Nursing homes are health care facilities that offer the most extensive care programs for the elderly. Nursing home services are similar to the ones rendered at hospitals. The only difference between a nursing home and a hospital is that the former offers a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to elderly patients. The clean and sanitary environment within a hospital sure guarantees patients that they are well taken care of, but may also pose negative effects on an elderly’s well being on the long term. In addition, hospitals are very expensive, especially if the senior member of the family needs provision of continuous medical and health care for months or even years. Nursing home is undoubtedly a cheaper option, especially among those with limited financial resources or budget constraints.

Skilled nursing facilities employ the expertise of licensed medical professionals including physicians, nurses, and nursing aids. In addition, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, and psychologists are available round-the-clock for other health concerns that patients may have.

Types Of Health Care Services that Nursing Homes Offer

Services known to be present across nursing home facilities are the following:

  • Room And Boarding – Clients are given privacy in nursing homes, thus they are provided with their own private rooms. This also adds to increased comfort for elderly clients too.
  • Medication Monitoring – For those with preexisting medical condition, medical monitoring is a must. Nurses are made aware of the medications that all clients need on a regular basis to ensure that their illnesses are effectively managed at all times.
  • Provision Of Personal Care Services – Older adults who find it difficult to perform activities of daily living will need the assistance of health care team members such as nursing aides. Bathing, changing clothes, and eating are some activities of daily living that may have to be supported for nursing home clients.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Care – A nursing home is staffed with equipment and personnel that are more than able to manage emergency cases at any time of the day.
  • Social And Recreational Activities – Aside from the provision of health and personal care, senior clients will find it necessary to interact with others and perform recreational activities to increase their sense of well being. Interactions between senior nursing home residents may involve exercise programs, table games, or facilities that promote entertainment and fun for the elderly. Nursing homes are most commonly outfitted with common areas such as living rooms, TV rooms, and a cafeteria.

What’s the Difference?

There are various types of health care services. There are the usual nursing homes, which are basically a location wherein your elderly loved ones are taken care of by a team of professionals. Most of these nursing homes are set-up like hospitals and have medical personnel to aid your loved one immediately in whatever way they may need. Some nursing homes have the facility to accommodate special cases of people with special needs and some do not.

You also have the assisted living, these are for the adults who just need minimal supervision, the may not necessarily need to be watched 24-7 but they would need help with bathing, dressing up and some other everyday activities. These are usually seen in the retired communities. These cost less than nursing homes because they do not need to be supervised for everything just for some specific things that may have turned to be quite difficult due to age.

There are also those who would need the person who assists them to stay with them in their homes, in situations like these home care is the most suitable choice. They stay in your house and help you with whatever you need them to, these are usually for people with mental disabilities or people whom recovering from surgery. Caregivers are also a considerable option; these are professionals’ aides, which also assists an adult with whatever they may need. Some of them could even be a family member. Some of them can be obtained from an agency. Caregivers do pretty much everything activities with the person they are caring for. From shopping and cooking to just spending time with each other.

Choosing The Right Service

Depending on what type of help you will need, that would depend on what service to use. Also considering your financial capabilities because they all differ in price. If one would need to be taken care of 24 hours of the day and also with medical care, a nursing home is advised. If you have a child with a special condition you can use a home care. Most retired people tend to go for assisted living, so it really all depends on what the situation is, and that would depend on what service you should acquire.