New Features Are On The Way !

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Features, Features and more Features !

We are always looking for ways to make our website and applications better. We do this because we want to make it easier for both families and residential care facilities to care of our elder loved ones. Well, one thing that we noticed after pouring over our analytics is that visitors on our site search in lots of different areas, and view a lot of care home listings. With this in mind, we thought – Why don’t we build out a portal to allow families to set their search criteria, then save their favorites, send messages , and show them suggestions from our Senior Care Advisors. Well thats exactly what we did! We teamed up with a company called InfoGIANT and they helped us develop our very own portal that families can use to help track, update and manage their search for elder care for their loved ones.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the new functionality that will be coming in the next week or so…

Once you have signed up, this will be your new home page. You are given your local results, suggestions from our team, as well as all of your Favorites – all in one place. On the left you will see a navigation where you can view your profile information. Recent activity which includes Homes you have Favorited, suggestions that we have made and messages that you have sent and messages that have been sent to you.



Here you can see recent activity so you can stay up to date on how your search is going !


Here is one of the most exciting features! Now you can communicate directly with the Care Homes without giving out your email or phone number. A lot of companies just send your private information out to all of the care homes in the area when you perform a search. Then you end up on email and call lists for as long as that company is in business. Well, this allows you to send a message to a care home to ask for more information, get directions to the home, or schedule a tour. If you decide to send them your contact information then great, but we want that to be your decision!


We are all very excited about these new features and hope it gets us closer to our goal of helping clear away all the confusion and clutter from the daunting task of searching for senior housing. We hope this is another step in the right direction of making the senior housing search experience as easy as possible.