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Correlation Between Lack of Sleep And Alzheimers Onset

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Here is a great talk on the potential correlation between lack of sleep and the onset of Alzheimer’s.  

New Features Are On The Way !

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Features, Features and more Features ! We are always looking for ways to make our website and applications better. We do this because we want to make it easier for both families and residential care facilities to care of our elder loved ones. Well, one thing that we noticed after

Longer, Healthier Life With an Anti-Aging Diet

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A British study surveyed a representative study of several thousand people, and then it tracked them all for several years. People who reported eating seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day were over 40 percent less likely to die over a period of seven years. Even

Stages of Dementia

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Dementia describes a collection of symptoms that include memory problems, cognitive dysfunction, and behavior issues. These symptoms might be associated with age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, but they may also stem from other issues that can include different disorders of brain injuries. Some diseases progress over time, and there may

Helping Seniors Avoid Scams

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Senior citizens are usually great people, and many older folks enjoy a secure financial situation. Seniors tend to maintain good credit ratings, lots of them have had time to pay off their homes, and many even live comfortably because they worked hard to build a retirement nest egg. These