Adult Day Care

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Adult Day CareAdult day care centers provide temporary alternative care to older adults who are under the supervision of a caretaker. They offer a variety of health, social and support services for senior citizens, their families and caretakers during normal business hours, five days a week.

Admission to a specific type of adult day care is primarily based on the senior’s needs and whether he or she can benefit from the services offered. Seniors who attend these centers generally live with family members who choose to care for them instead of placing them in an elder care facility. However, because of safety, health or other issues, they are unable to stay alone during the day.


 Purpose of Adult Day Care

Just as the title implies, these centers offer various types of care and structure for elderly individuals during the day when their caretakers, typically family members, are unable to provide it. Senior day care centers allow caregivers to:

  • Maintain employment outside the home
  • Help with the physical aspects of home care
  • Receive respite since caregiving is a 24-hour-a-day job
  • Give their loved ones the proper medical attention without placing them in an outside elder care facility


Types of Adult Day Care Centers

Generally, there are three types of adult day care centers in California:

Adult Day Program: This is a community-based program that provides care to all adults over the age of 18 who are in need of personal care services, supervision or assistance with daily living activities.

Adult Day Health Care: This is an organized, short-term, day program of therapeutic-, health- and social-related activities for seniors with physical or mental functional impairments. The purpose of the program is to help restore an individual’s self-care capabilities following a hospital or rehabilitation stay.

Alzheimer Day Care Resource Center: This is a community-based program that provides specialized care to patients with Alzheimer’s Disease or other memory-impaired ailments. They also offer support and guidance for family caretakers about the needs of this type of patient.


Services Offered

Each individual adult day care center has slightly different services available depending on its staff, the needs of the community and center’s focus. However, basic services typically include:

  •      Social activities such as arts and crafts, games, music and continuing education
  •      Healthy snacks and meals
  •      Exercise classes
  •      Support groups for family members and caretakers
  •      Health monitoring and screening for basic senior health concerns


Paying for Adult Day Care

Depending on the level of care needed, Medicare, Medi-Cal, private insurance and veterans benefits may pay part or all of the adult day care expenses. You can obtain information about costs and payments from the specific center’s administration.

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