7 Apps Seniors CAN’T Live Without

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Unlike Tricks cereal, Smart phone apps are not just for kids. In fact, many seniors learn to use smart phones quickly, and these handy devices can be very helpful for elderly people with mobility issues. If you worry that smart phones are too difficult to use because of the small icons and buttons, you can choose one of these great senior apps that turns a smart phone into a senior phone with large icons, large buttons, and a simple interface.


  1. Simple Senior Phone – Android
    Yes, older people can adapt to technology, but many of them also have issues with eyesight and hearing. This phone application gives a smart phone big and clear buttons to make it easy to get to the most common applications. This app also makes it easy to make a quick phone call.
  2. SilverLine Apps – iPhone
    This is similar to Simple Senior Phone, but it has been developed to work on iPhones. It makes the buttons bigger, and it also simplifies common functions like the contacts list. This app even includes an alarm to remind seniors when it is time to take medication. The app also includes an emergency button that immediately calls for help.
  3. Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker – iPhone
    This application makes it easy to keep track of vital statistics like blood pressure, weight, and heart rate. Results can get reported regularly, and they can also get displayed on a handy graph that makes it easy to spot trends. This is handy for personal health tracking, and it can also be taken to the doctor’s office for checkups.
  4. Dragon Mobile Apps – Blackberry, iPhone
    The same company that makes Dragon Naturally Speaking also produces phone applications that turn mobile devices into voice-activated devices. This application makes it easy for seniors to compose documents, send emails, post to Facebook, browse the Internet, or even write themselves a memo just by speaking into their phone.
  5. Skype – iPhone, Android
    Why worry about using up precious cell phone minutes when you can simply use the free Skype application to communicate with loved ones all over the world? The application is very easy to set up and use, and it is used universally to chat, with text, audio, or audio and visual. A premium membership even allows users to make make calls over the Internet.
    Luminosity – iPhone, Android
    This application connects smart phone users to the famous brain games sites. The games are meant to be fun, but they also help enhance memory and cognition.
  6. Find my iPhone – iPhone
    People of all ages might benefit from a phone application that helps them keep track of their Apple devices, be they behind the sofa cushions or left in another room. Of course, the user of this app has to have at least one device to use it on. But many people have multiple Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods.
  7. Pill Reminder – iTunes
    This is really an indispensable application for seniors because they can record a handy list of all of the medications that they take. All seniors should have a list of their medications at hand in case they travel or need medical services. Seniors can also consult the app to learn more about prescription drugs, supplements, and vitamins. Besides just providing a medication list, users can also set up reminders to let them know when it is time for another dose or call in for a refill.