Correlation Between Lack of Sleep And Alzheimers Onset

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Here is a great talk on the potential correlation between lack of sleep and the onset of Alzheimer’s.  

New Features Are On The Way !

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Features, Features and more Features ! We are always looking for ways to make our website and applications better. We do this because we want to make it easier for both families and residential care facilities to care of our elder loved ones. Well, one thing that we noticed after

7 Apps Seniors CAN’T Live Without

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Unlike Tricks cereal, Smart phone apps are not just for kids. In fact, many seniors learn to use smart phones quickly, and these handy devices can be very helpful for elderly people with mobility issues. If you worry that smart phones are too difficult to use because of the

How To Find the Best Care Facility for Your Loved One

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Though not everyone finds themselves faced with making a decision for a loved one regarding assisted living, a large majority will have to deal with this issue at some point in their lives. According to the National Center for Assisted Living, more than 735,000 people across the nation are

You Won’t Believe What These 85 Year Old BFF’s Have To Say About “Snookie”

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Wow! These guys are lovin’ life. Watch this great interview with Harvey and Eddie, as they are asked questions about Pop Culture and modern day music. Kinda makes you want to go back in time when life was a little simpler and music was actually singable.

Grandson Gives His Grandfather The Surprise Of A Lifetime. This Will Melt Your Heart.

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What a heartwarming surprise this Germany based Grandpa got when his Grandson walks through the door with absolutely no warning. If you have dry eyes at the end, you might not be human. This is what family and love are all about.